A current driver in GT4, Matt is sharp and ready to coach you through the simulator experience. Pick your circuit and go!

Matt is an excellent driver coach who can assist all levels of drivers. From corporate guests more used to the M25 to young drivers looking for the edge in their latest race, Matt quickly finds the best way to communicate with them and make sure they get the most out of their simulator time.

Matt is coaching the next generation of Karting racers. Give him a call to discuss your requirements and ideas.


GT Simulator

Based on a real GT car, closed car drivers can experience an even more realistic drive. Using a real GT chassis provides not only more representative visuals, but also a more comfortable environment for drivers, some of which may have never driven a single-seater before. Equipped with two seats, your driver coach or has the option to instruct you from in-car to make sure you make the most of every lap. After a run you can relocate to the control room to complete your data analysis.


Single-seater simulator

Using the best simulators Matt aims to provide teams and drivers with the technology they need to get the results they want. The single-seater simulator is state of the art and has a six degree of freedom motion system. This fully immersive experience uses visual, audio and physical cues to provide the sensations of your racing car and provide you with the seat time and driver data you need.

Simulation is no longer the preserve of Formula 1. Using a simulator can help prepare any driver for any race, improving driving technique, consistency and ultimately, lap time.


Simulators are an immersive experience, warm, dry, with no need for insurance, fuel or tyres. Contact Matt to book your session.


Matt has a full knowledge of all the racing circuits around the world.


Building long-term relationships with each client is imperative to Matt. Book a single session or plan a longer term programme with goals and milestones.